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My Business Art Acoustix Studio & Gallery started when I lived in Baltimore Md in 2013. I have always aspired to continue to operate a business and show my children that independence and entrepreneurship are very important. Art Acoustix is a business where art and creativity can be and inspiration to anyone and a release for any human being. The studio has evolved into a retail location as well. I have added Yoni steaming which is a holistic approach to woman's feminine health. I host art events private parties, yoni steaming sessions, party packs to go, holiday and specialty kits To-Go. I wish to create an environment where people can emerge and connect to all 5 senses and unwind and relax. In times like these relaxation is very important part of everyday health. As a young girl from Scottsburg Va. My grandma Bessie and grandpa Ernest ( local farmer)used to take us on trips to town to visit Newberrys and the local 5 & dime. Now I can take my children to town and walk into our store location on Main street as well as a owner. My grandma is with me in spirit daily.

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